Recording Studio

Duel Star Entertainment’s home recording studio is located in Butler, PA 16001. We have been recording bands for over 20 years and our recording engineers are up to speed with today’s gear and technology. We record with a state of the art digital audio workstation that has studio grade preamps and capture performances at 24 bit. We also record MIDI performances. We mix and master with Sonar Platinum which comes with PRO Channel plugins and professional mastering tools. We can record full bands but also record solo artists and even offer recording for karaoke singers that want to make a demo.

Recording Studio Workstation Gear

  • Computer – Windows 10 pro, Intel i7-4770 quad core Processor @3.40Ghz, 32 GB of Memory (Ram), 64-bit processing. Our core plugins are also 64-bit.
    • In general we should be able to record 128 tracks of audio but our biggest project to date is 82 audio tracks and our computer still had resources available.
  • Roland Octa Capture Digital Audio Interface – We can record up to 16 tracks at a time. We like to record above 16bit/44.1Khz CD quality and our audio interface can capture up to 24bit /192 kHz.
  • Software – We use Sonar Platinum and it allows unlimited audio tracks and unlimited MIDI tracks. The Platinum edition comes packed full of professional features. You can view the Sonar Platinum features here if you are interested.
  • Plugins – We have a ton of professional plugins. You can see the ones that come with Sonar above. Click on the link above.
    • Line 6 Podfarm 2 Platinum – We have the Platinum edition and it offers every plugin from Line 6. View the Line 6 Platinum features here if you are interested. Scroll down their page to see all the Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Vocal Mic Plugins, and effects in the Platinum edition.
    • Celemony Melodyne Editor Edition (Pitch Correction) – If needed we own a license for Melodyne, considered the worlds leading vocal pitch correction tool but we can also use it to fine tune other instruments that may be out of tune too.
    • Summary – We have Plugins for Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano & Keyboards, Orchestral Sounds

Recording Studio – Microphones

We offer a variety of Studio Condenser microphones and dynamic microphones. For the lead vocalist we like to use our Audio-Technica AT4050 Condenser Microphone. We also like to use it for many other instruments for overdubs. For Drums we use AKG microphones and prefer a D112 on the kick drum and a pair of CS100o’s for the overheads. We have plenty of dynamic mics in the arsenal such as the Shure beta 57, Shure SM 57, Shure SM 58, and Sennheiser’s.

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Studio

Mastering CD’s: So, your recording is complete and you need a final CD Master. We have a couple different ways we can master your recordings. We can use a t.c. electronic – finalizer plus or our software based mastering plugins.

  • t.c.finalizer plus mastering – This unit gives the ability to finalize the CD project and give bands a professional radio ready mix, with professional audio levels and specs. We can master to DAT, External CD, or via SPDIF into the computer. With the t.c. electronic Finalizer PLUS or DAT, we can then use our digital SPDIF outputs to transfer the mix into the PC. This also gives us the ability to get all the songs ready for the internet without compromising quality via analog sound cards. If you choose not to use our mastering service or studio equipment, you will have the option to purchase the DAT Master for $25.00 and send it off to your favorite Mastering House.
  • Sonar Platinum Mastering Tools – We have tons of mastering tools and can master for CD and also give you a high quality mp3 master.
  • External Mastering House – If needed, we can prepare your project to be sent to another mastering house, which simply means we won’t over compress or limit any tracks in your project so we will leave plenty of headroom for the mastering company of your choice.